Surrey implementation Toolkits ™ are designed to support the safe development of prescribing by professions other than doctors and dentists. By 2019, there were over 90,000 nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals able to prescribe medicines in the UK. The toolkits draw together information, resources and research evidence to provide step-by-step guidance aimed at different stages of prescribing. ‘Preparing to Prescribe’ is the first in a series of toolkits designed to support uptake and implementation of non-doctor prescribing.

Prescribing by professions other than doctors (also known as Non-medical prescribing) can improve productivity and quality of patient care. In order to optimise benefits for patients, staff and services, it is important to address barriers that occur at different stages, beginning with the preparation of those commencing on a prescribing role.

Preparing to prescribe

A free online implementation tool kit for non-medical prescribers.

Preparing to prescribe is a Surrey Implementation toolkit™ that provides resources for healthcare professionals, non-medical prescribing leads, service and provider organisations, commissioners, and Universities to support implementation of non-medical prescribing in practice.